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The Duel Terminal itself looks like a traditional arcade machine, and has a variety of game modes, using cards from the Yu-Gi-Oh! Players can either use a Deck chosen by the system, or the Duelist can use his/her own cards, provided they have DUEL TERMINAL as the Edition.

These cards are recognized by the built-in card scanner, allowing the player to use the card in the game.

"Duel Terminal Edition" cards are only available from "Duel Terminals".

The native tribes created a temporary truce to fight off the invaders. In the second Duel Terminal series, there lived 4 different elemental tribes: ("Gem-Knight", "Laval", "Gishki", "Gusto").

Like the first series, they too fought each other, but for their own reasons, not for supremacy.

Omschrijving Cubefield: Vlieg door een 3D-wereld vol drijvende kubussen!

Het vermijden van deze kubussen zal je reactiesnelheid op de proef stellen. Beweeg je tussen de gekleurde blokjes, en breek het record!

Spelinstructie: Speel het spel Cubefield met je pijltjestoetsen.

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