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Judy Rosenberg, Licensed Clinical Psychologist, holds a Ph. and Master’s in Psychology from the California Graduate Institute in Los Angeles and a BA in Psychology from UCLA.

Prior to starting the Habit Breakers Clinic in1980, she worked for several smoking cessation clinics and found that smokers were able to quit smoking but that staying off cigarettes was another matter.

Her Doctoral Dissertation, the “Effects of a Mood-Altering Treatment on the Success Rate and Depression Level of Smokers Who Want to Stop Smoking” led her on a life-long journey to deal with this issue.

After several years of working with thousands of smokers, Dr.

Her recent books, a psychological thriller about a psychologist who creates a peace plan for a shattered world disinterested in peace, will be available in the near future on Amazon and Kindle. Judy has a flourishing practice and heads the Psychological Healing Center in Sherman Oaks, California.

She uses her Mind Map System to help her patients heal the wounds of childhood, dismantle negative core beliefs, and paradigm shift them into mental clarity and health.

She and her host Walt Lusk have a popular radio show called ; it airs on every Thursday evening from 8 to 9 pm.

Judy Rosenberg, licensed clinical psychologist, holds Ph D and master’s degrees in psychology from the California Graduate Institute in Los Angeles and a BA in psychology from UCLA.

She is author of (over 250,000 copies sold), available on Amazon and Kindle. Judy is a graduate of Paul Mitchell The School Sherman Oaks and a licensed cosmetologist.

Intrigued with beauty from the inside out, she created Get Dating Ready (getdatingready.com), a service that gives people honest, rigorous feedback about their looks and personality and helps them self-correct and become the best of their best. Judy is founder of the Be The Cause Mind Map System, a cutting-edge psychological system designed to help heal human disconnect.

Rosenberg realized that many smokers don’t want to go to a stop smoking clinic and would rather stop smoking in the privacy of their own home.

In 1986, she wrote a self-help book on kicking the smoking habit.

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