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Word Press does not natively validate its comment submission form, but it can be instructed to do so by developing a custom plugin which makes use of the popular Bassistance j Query library.

This library is specifically designed to validate forms and print any relevant errors before submission, and it’s by far the most widely-used way among web designers and developers to validate forms without requiring a great deal of extra coding or programming.

That library, in combination with the existing Word Press comment form, some minor PHP modifications, and a well-crafted stylesheet, is the key to bringing user interactivity into the 21st century.

Here’s how it’s done using Word Press: The first step to validating the standard Word Press comment form is securing the proper j Query libraries to get the job done.

This means obtaining the aforementioned form validation plugin.

From there, it will need to be uploaded to the server and placed within the plugin directory.

The second step is using the included Word Press variables for j Query scripts in order to call the standard j Query library and functions.

The actually j Query library file will be included into the header by specifying it as a function within the plugin file itself.

This ensures that the line of code will only be added to the website’s header when needed, especially because it’s a “niche” j Query library rather than the core file which enables most of the j Query functions themselves.

When the file has been successfully modified, saved, and uploaded, it’s time to move on and craft the plugin’s file structure and directories.

This plugin is a bit more complex in file structure than the simple php-file-only method which is used for many more basic Word Press functionality enhancements.

Instead of just a single file, this validation plugin will come with its own Java Script library (Bassistance.de) and a stylesheet file which will dictate the actual appearance of validation errors and successes.

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Therefore, the following file structure should be created: file will need to be created from blank text files on the local computer or using an FTP client’s built-in text editing application.

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