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A frozen Davis winced as she watched as Nelson “check to see if she was dead.”Davis said then she “heard another gunshot” and turned her head away before she “then ran out of the house.”Cops ultimately caught up to Nelson and prosecutors hit him with a raft of murder charges while Davis remained free. The caseworker has to approve it and there’s plenty of time to talk.’” “I did not research their backgrounds, the people that issue the licenses do that. It went through a string of people before I was allowed to come into that environment and do that.”“The State has now learned that on October 21, 2015, the defendant and Ms.

As detectives were busy trying to build a case that she was at least culpable in the triple homicide, Davis reached out to Pastor Clemons about getting married to the accused murderer sitting in jail.“She called and asked, ‘Do you do weddings at the Jackson County Detention Center? Davis have filed an application with the Jackson County, Missouri Recorder of Deeds for a marriage license,” Jean Peters Baker wrote in a motion.

Otherwise, Davis’s “testimony, in some respects, could become unavailable to the State after she is married to the Defendant.”Prosecutors have since filed another motion for special bond conditions so that Nelson could “be ordered to have no contact” with any of the witnesses in the case, including his wife.

The fact that Nelson has “shown a willingness to contact witnesses…

has been done for the purpose of impacting testimony.” The prosecution faces multiple obstacles before the trial gets underway in October, especially regarding any statement by the former Miss Davis against her new husband, says Frank Bowman, a professor at the University of Missouri Law School.

First, she may have some criminal liability even if she didn’t kill anyone, since she allegedly admitted helping cover up the crime, Bowman said.

Therefore she can avoid testifying simply on the basis of her Fifth Amendment right to not incriminate herself, which would be available to her even if she wasn’t married to Nelson.

“It could possibly be my last wedding because I don’t want to be in this kind of situation again,” Clemons said.Ever since he discovered his blessing could cause an unholy outcome, the pastor says he’s been repenting “in prayer.”A source close to the investigation confirmed that Nelson’s new girlfriend was embroiled in “drama” with Fletcher, who had only just begun dating Rollins for “a few weeks,” a source and family members confirmed.By most of accounts (save for Nelson’s where he told cops he was “asleep for most of the day” and denied any involvement), tensions rose to the point where Fletcher “threw a diaper at Nelson, which struck him,” according to the police report that quotes Nelson telling his friend, Mark Benson, what happened.Either the diaper-disgraced Nelson rose up, pulled out a pistol, and fatally shot Fletcher before hunting down her boyfriend and his own son; otherwise, it was Davis that had actually killed Nelson, and then forced her boyfriend to prove his love by rubbing out potential eyewitnesses in Fletcher’s boyfriend and his own boy.Davis’s version mostly squares with Benson’s, save for a few details.

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