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In conclusion the general ethos is to keep all our animal in the most natural and healthy conditions as possible. Open 7 days 9-5.30, 10- 4 Sun Family butcher with local meat & great service Proper fishmonger with all types of fish Traditional butchers, sausages, bacon Micro brewery and several cheeses. Traditional butcher with local hung beef & lamb, and handmade sausages.

Home grown & local seasonal fruit & veg, plant centre & nursery. Mainly wholesale to pubs & restaurants please phone to pre-order and collect A big day out.

Sheep racing, play area, shop Restaurant using local ingredients A buffet service in Milton Keynes using as much local food as possible.

We cure & smoke all our own bacon & hams taking weeks not minutes like manufactured bacon and hams.

Traditional family butcher with a big range of local meats.

Honeysuckle Cottage REAL Free Range Eggs Why do we say Real Free Range Eggs?

Our hens live in houses with a maximum of 200 birds per house, the houses are mobile so that they can be moved to fresh pasture, giving the birds permanent access to plenty of grass, which is kept grazed short by our Jersey cows ( chickens need short grass because they can not digest fibre).

With all of the hens going outside everyday grass is an integral part of their diet, making it unnecessary to add colourants to their feed, as the carotene’s in the grass give yokes a good natural colour. The combination of low stocking density, use of homeopathy with prevention is better than cure attitude and moving birds to fresh pasture regularly eliminates the need for routine chemical medication.

Beef is well hung to give it time to mature before sale.

They are bought in whole and then boned and prepared.

All meats are sourced locally with traceability being of vital importance.

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We still make pork cheese (brawn) and are able to get such things as sweet bread, pigs fry and tripe + ostrich and kangaroo steaks, given time we can fill most requirements.

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