Updating phpbb 3

(Bear Oso)- GTK+ : Fixed focus issue when there is no window manager.

(Bear Oso)- GTK+ : Fixed X Visual incompatibilities and expose problems in the Xv and Open GL outputs.

(zones, OV2)- Fixed movie snapshot unfreeze inconsistency. (OV2)- Fixed Block Invalid VRAMAccess config file option. (gocha, OV2)- Win32: Reworked movie-recording with size selection. (gocha)- Win32: Added and fixed Autofire for D-pad. (zones)- Mac : Now you can choose any folder for saving files.

(OV2)- Fixed the problem that echo buffer breaks IPL ROM. (OV2)- Win32: Fixed "Turbo Down mode" hotkey assignment. (OV2)- Mac : Added pause and frame advance functions.

(Bear Oso)- GTK+ : Fixed many permissions issues with config folders.

(zones)- GTK+ : Added ability to set specific folders for SRAM, patches, snapshots, etc.

Thanks mirror sites Here's the latest build for mac os x. (Bear Oso)- Removed CPUShutdown speedhack, Disable HDMA and Disable IRQ options. (Bear Oso, OV2, zones)- GTK+, Win32: Support for bsnes-style XML shaders. (zones)- Unix : Fixed segfault and hang-up with -DNOSOUND.

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(zones)- Improved screen interlace and sprite interlace supports. (Bear Oso, zones, OV2)- Fixed C4 for Mega Man X2's "weapon get" screen. (danieldematteis)- Fixed crash relating to double-closed descriptor. (kode54, Nach, friedrich.goepel)- GTK+, Win32, Mac: Added optional Hi-Res blending. (zones)- Mac : Fixed display configuration in windowed mode.

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