Updating electricity in historical homes

This tubing can be snaked through existing walls and ceilings in an old home to deliver cool air where it is needed.The registers are unobtrusive discs placed around the perimeter of the ceiling, or high on the walls.All retrofitted air-conditioning systems will require some degree of creative cutting and patching in walls, floors, and ceilings.And while the new high-tech systems cost more than a regular duct system in new houses, they save money in old homes because of the reduced need for rough carpentry and subsequent finish work.High noon will turn many a classic home into a summertime sweatbox.And while noisy window-mounted air conditioners can lower temperatures, they are just as apt to spoil a charming exterior.Unfortunately, many old homes don’t have a convenient space to install ductwork for a traditional central air-conditioning system.Lowering ceilings or building out walls to hide supply and return ducts is expensive, and can blemish indoor spaces.

Retrofit Systems But don’t sweat it: There are air-conditioning systems that don’t need much bulky ductwork.Mini-split systems use individual cooling units placed room by room, which require only a thin refrigerant and power line connecting them to an outdoor air-conditioning compressor and fan.Another alternative, known as high-velocity systems, use two-inch insulated air-supply tubing to deliver chilled air.An ,000 to ,000 price tag isn’t unusual for a high-velocity air-conditioning retrofit in an old house.Mini-splits offer an economical compromise: You can install cooling units in just one or two rooms, creating an oasis to retreat to during the dog days of summer.

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