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38 - Blaauwberg, Cape Town Found and Lost twice before.....3rd Time Lucky or Blessed??!! Single dad of a 9yr old boy..(If that is a issue for you please move on to...Tinder is a popular dating app driven by the premise that relationships should be easy to fire up. If the same person counters and swipes-right back, a conversation is initiated.Smartphone users are served a stream of images of available singles. It is all driven by geographical vicinity, with the highest rates of connection being with users within one mile of each other.

Even more fundamentally, I want to ask a more common question: What is Tinder useful for?

Is Tinder really just a place to initiate a “casual sexual hookup,” as some suspect, or is it a platform where healthy, long-term relationships are sparked?

“This is a false dichotomy,” wrote one psychologist in his defense of Tinder.

How can you possibly win a game with different rules?

You can’t.” The prime illustration of this Tinder confusion was a detailed, and graphically explicit, feature article published by a major periodical.

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In it, journalist Nancy Jo Sales quotes several Tinder users, including heartbreaking stories, like one young woman, who admitted, “I had sex with a guy and he ignored me as I got dressed and I saw he was back on Tinder.” Stop and think about this for a moment. So why would a man connect with a woman on Tinder, sleep with her, and then ignore her immediately as he turned his attention to the next object of his lust?

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