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However, a source close to Jun Jin confirmed that the two went from an imaginary relationship to a real one three months ago. While hosting a fan meeting in Taiwan last week, Jun Jin told the crowd, “I’ve been active as an entertainer for over 10 years.

It’d be nice if fans would now be broadminded about accepting my dating relationships.

I’ll let you know some good news soon.” He also recently posted, “I completely love [you]!! un Jin (28 turning 29) debuted as a singer-rapper in Korea’s longest-running boy band in 1998.

However, he revealed on the episode to be broadcast on June 20 that he is also dating someone – who happens to be his former We Got Married partner, Lee Si Young.The news comes as a surprise to many who watched as Jun Jin and Lee Si Young met and clashed on the reality program. The two then appeared as lovers in the MV for Beige’s recent title track, “Awfully“, which was seen as a “Hey Ya! There have been other hints leading up to this revelation.He is a popular guest on many variety programs and replaced Haha on Infinity Challenge in June 2008.Lee Si Young (27), on the other hand, is a relatively late newcomer to the entertainment industry.She gained popularity through her role on Boys Over Flowers and appeared on We Got Married for several months. The couple are planning to hold a press conference next week (likely June 23) to confirm their relationship.

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Netizens are buzzing whether or not the two will join the newly formatted We Got Married.

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