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Daniel Lee Siebert (17 June 1954 – 22 April 2008) was an American serial killer on Alabama's death row.

He was convicted of three murders and confessed to at least five.

During questioning he indicated that he was responsible for at least 12 deaths.

Siebert died on April 22, 2008 in Holman Prison near Atmore of complications from cancer. He joined the Marines in 1972 under the name of Daniel Marlow, and early on left with a dishonorable discharge.

An art teacher using the name "Daniel Spence" was questioned in connection with the crime after police were notified that he had an interest in Sherri Weathers.

A check of Spence's fingerprints revealed that he was in fact Daniel Siebert, who had a previous conviction of manslaughter in 1979 and was wanted on assault charges in San Francisco, California. He was apprehended in Hurricane Mills, Tennessee, after placing a phone call to a friend who reported him to the police.

His next call was traced to a phone booth near a restaurant where he was working and he was arrested the following day when he showed up for work.

Between 19 he fathered two children, a girl and a boy.

Sherri Weathers had missed classes for over a week, and the school had worried that she had not contacted them with an explanation.

A search of her apartment found her dead body, along with those of her two children.

Investigation also revealed another student who was missing from the institute.

Linda Jarman was found dead in her apartment, also murdered.

He was also charged with the murder of Linda Odum, a waitress who he had been dating.

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She was reported missing in February and her remains discovered in March. Police believed Siebert was also involved in the death of Sheryl Evans of Calhoun County, whose body was found around the same time.

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