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This verdict has many worried that no one will be held responsible. Good news for Bayer, which is trying to keep up with rivals that are also consolidating because of things like slowing demand, and a drop in industry profits. Yesterday, the AP released excerpts from a deposition with Cosby about the case, which he gave almost a decade ago.The officer who drove the van goes on trial next month to face second degree murder charges. Yesterday, Bayer announced it wants to pay billion to seal the deal with Monsanto. But investors think Bayer's trying a little too hard to make Monsanto happy, and the company shouldn't be spending all that cash. In the deposition, Cosby admitted to having sex with at least two teenage girls, and then says an agency sent models to his studio every week while he filmed 'a sitcom.' Reminder: more than 50 women have said that Cosby drugged, and in many cases, sexually assaulted them in the past.TBD on whether Monsanto will respond, but if the company posts an 'I said yes' Insta, it would be the largest ever all-cash takeover on record. He's always said 'not true.' The statute of limitations for many of the sexual assault allegations has expired. Yesterday, the Supreme Court overturned the death sentence of a man who was convicted in Georgia decades ago.A common gender stereotype is that males are more interested than females in sex for purely physical reasons.Sociobiologists claim that this difference is biologically determined.In contrast, many sociologists and anthropologists claim that the difference is cultural.

Yesterday, a Baltimore police officer was found not guilty of criminal charges related to the death of Freddie Gray.

Last year, Gray – a black 25-year-old – was arrested in Baltimore after running away from police. After his death, there were mostly peaceful protests in Baltimore that later turned violent.

When they caught him, they found a pocket knife on him. Police say they soon stopped the van again to put Gray in leg braces because he was kicking and screaming in the back. Six officers were charged with things ranging from assault to second-degree murder.

He was then put back into the van without a seat belt. The first officer's trial, which happened last year, ended with a hung jury that couldn't agree on whether he was guilty of manslaughter.

Then yesterday, a judge decided that there wasn't enough evidence that this other officer had much to do with Gray's arrest or injuries.

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Gray's name has become part of a larger national conversation about racially charged police brutality. If Monsanto accepts the offer, the merger would create the world's largest agricultural supplier. Huxtable has a hearing to figure out if a criminal sex-assault case against him will go to trial.

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