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Not many comments here about the young guys who seduce older men online.They behave in exactly the same way as the girls, lie, cheat, steal, and laugh at the guy they entrap.The families go along with this and fully accept that its their son who is attracting men. Just mention this to show how morally corrupt this society is, and anything goes as long as it pays!If you don't believe me just visit the gay websites and see how many thousands of Filipinos are there with pics looking for guys!They all have multiple phones,multiple sims, multiple guys, multiple facebook accounts, viber, etc etc etc a laptop, maybe tablets. They'll tell the story to 2,3,4 or five guys and msybr they'll get money from all of them or 3. Hence, the bible have no commandments worth living by. They believe they will be forgiven, and life goes on. Cheating, stealing, telling lies, rape, murder is fine. At the same time I tried to save money for a journey to meet her. Still she had said that when she and I wrote she had noone she chatted on the net.So dont ever believe your the only one because your not. They don't see Easter Sunday (resurrection) as something to celebrate. No, the great thing about Easter is the crucifixion as the big deal. But how could she learn to know a new guy in just a week and also fall in love?

Its an impoverished country and their lives are hard.

EVERY one I've met will say your "handsome" and age does not matter but that's bullshit.

All the girls I got to know and the girls I thought I new have those older guys.

These Pinays are charming and they'll say anything to build up your trust. Really you sent money gifts etc to person you never met and say you got scammed Your nothing but an uneducated moron Please send me money I will send u photos of pretty girls "stupid"You don't deserve to even post on this site Also I had a go with a filipina.

Once they've gained your trust thats when they start milking you for money, gifts,chocolates, teddy bears etc. I never met her in person, but we talked in Facebook, and Skype. I asked her about it and then she broke up with me.

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