Sap infostructure not updating

– It would not be wrong in saying that you cannot use the sales application update groups to update the tables of production.If you want to bring in or update the production information in the information structure, you can alternatively start with the production application group and subsequently use the production based update groups.Apart from SAP tables, you can also include standard SAP formulas or requirement routines that would effectively bring in the data as your requirements.This step is to be executed right after the creating and activating the information structure.Using IMG transaction code MC24, you can create the update rules for the characteristics and key figures of the information structure.b) The SAP tables from which the data is to be pulled into the information structure, for the given key-figures and characteristics.

There are multiple update groups available for the sales application area, like – sales, sales returns, sales promotions etc.It should be noted that you can maintain multiple update rules for a given key figure, by copying an existing rule.You should only include the key figures for which you are updating the information structure from SAP tables of the application area.In our example, for information structure S893, we would be only updating the field – Sales quantities or order quantity from the SAP tables, where as other key figures like the production quantities, target quantity, day’s supply, capacity, etc, would not be updated from the SAP tables, they would be arrived-at in the planning table through macros.Therefore we would have to delete all other key figures and only keep the key figure which would be used for updation in the information structure.

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