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But given the popularity of names like Milo and Leo, Arlo might make a bigger fashion splash than the Muppets ever did. Image: The film was only a modest success at the box office, but on the baby name charts it was a blockbuster.

Cataleya, the name of the film's assassin protagonist, was the fastest-rising name of 2012, and has remained popular since.

The name comes from the Cattleya genus of orchid, with a sleeker (and less bovine) spelling. Image: Nico is a short form of Nicholas used in multiple languages. As a full given name, it has a bit more edge than gentler -o names like Arlo and Milo.

This unlikely premise has stirred fresh interest in a name previously consigned to infernal darkness.

Ironically, the name's origins are anything but dark.

Lucifer means "light bringing" and originally referred to the morning star (Venus).

In later Christian tradition the name became associated with a fallen angel, and eventually with Satan himself.

They're all super-popular searches in our Namipedia, at rates far out of proportion to their popularity as baby names.

" And then you come to us at Baby Name Wizard.com, because that's what we're here for.

Have you wondered about about any of these yourself? Image: fox.com/lucifer In the tv series "Lucifer," the Lord of Hell gets bored and takes a consulting gig with the LAPD.

That's a tough image to break, but some parents are trying.

A handful of American babies are named Lucifer each ear. Image: disney.com/the-good-dinosaur For the film , Pixar turned to the old Sesame Street naming playbook.

Choose an old names that has fallen far from fashion but remains familiar to fit an awkwardly lovable creature.

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