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For the first time in my life as a casual wrestling fan, I tuned into Monday Night RAW specifically to watch a Divas match.

But it was actually a really fun experience for me, because the funny thing is that I had never even been to an NBA game until I walked out there for my first game as a dancer.Basically, I had courtside seats because all I knew was being on the court and in the action. With Leather: Since Doug Christie was on that team, were the dancers ever instructed to steer clear of him, lest they feel the wrath of his overprotective wife?Eve Torres: We were given instructions to steer clear of all of the players, because that’s standard practice for any dancers with an NBA team, so no interaction.With Leather: What pushed you to make the leap to the WWE in 2007?Was it the potential for fame or did you already have the fighting spirit by that point?

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Eve Torres: I felt like the WWE had all of the elements that I was really passionate about combined into one, because I was always very competitive.

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