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The benefit of Express inclusion is having your site evaluated quickly, by Yahoo! Yahoo promises to check out your website within seven working days.

That time frame compares favorably to their routinely two month waiting period for free listings.

For a non-refundable, annually recurring fee of 9.00 US (0.00 US for Adult sites), Yahoo!

The directory may offer a quick entry into the Google listings for many websites. Express Directory inclusion, is to provide fast paid directory entry for business sites.

Directory, Zeal/Looksmart, Joe Ant, Go Guides, and Gimpsy. Directory Because of its possible importance for Page Rank, as another incoming link, and for potential business referrals, you may want to consider the Yahoo! While the directory may not be suitable for all websites, some site owners may find a real benefit to being included in it.Because of its high profile, we will examine the costs and benefits of having your website listed in the Yahoo! As with all directories, especially those like Yahoo!that offer paid inclusion, you have to consider your own budget and traffic requirements. Each of the major directories provide additional traffic to you your site.They also provide valuable incoming links, that enhance your Google Page Rank, and perhaps your rankings on the search engine results pages (SERPs) as well.If your site isn’t listed in the Google search engine, becoming listed in directories is a great way to get your website crawled by the Google spider.

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