Dating and intimacy in the 21st century dating in sligo

This is of course a generalization but in this small vignette it tells the story of the difference between men and women.

So why do men have such a difficult time with intimacy?

The answer is that most men are taught from an early age to be competitive, that feelings are a sign of weakness and to avoid vulnerability and dependency at all costs.

The ideal for men is fierce independence and strength.

Herb Goldberg writes in that 85% of the men in this country have no friends.

We see beer ads that proffer an image of the American male as having tons of friends but nothing could be further from the truth.

One of the women popped up and went to the restroom and four other women jumped up and went with her. They go off to the restroom, fix their hair, adjust something and talk about EVERYTHING.If men meet up in the restroom, if they speak at all, it would be a very neutral topic like golf or baseball.I think to myself that if a man got up and went to the restroom NO ONE would go with him.Men are very reluctant to do this because they fear that they might be judged or put down. Kal Heller, is licensed psychologist specializing in child and family services writes that “Intimacy is very risky because it requires making such a serious commitment to the relationship that each person will experience a sense of dependency on the other.To admit to needing someone else is to risk loss and deep hurt.” This is difficult for all of us. Men, especially, are taught to strive for independence.

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