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You go to your office in the morning, expecting another boring workday.All the same - the people, things you must do, even coffee breaks.Wouldn't it be great if you had someone special among your coworkers?But here comes a question – how to date a colleague? Before giving you some tips about how to date a coworker, first let’s find out what you need to think about properly.If you don’t have parties in your office, then you need to act differently.One day, just come to the girl, start a conversation and invite her for a cup of coffee or to have lunch together.

So feel free to talk her because it’s a great opportunity to get a date with a colleague.

Just keep in mind it’s better to invite her after the party – don’t be shy and walk her to home or at least to the car and invite for a date.

What may happen if you decide to start a serious relationship with a girl you work with? Having an affair with a colleague on one hand may become the beginning of a deep relationship, on the other hand it may damage your reputation and make working hours unbearable.

The best time in all new relationships is when everything is just starting. Then things at work can go not just bad, but awful!

Flirting and glances, jokes and secret letters will definitely make your hard workday more exciting. When something isn’t going right at work the last thing you want is to add this stress to your personal life. Only you can decide if it worth trying to date with a colleague.

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