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Action Script 3.0 also includes several new variations of the The difference, in minutes, between universal time (UTC) and the computer's local time.Specifically, this value is the number of minutes you need to add to the computer's local time to equal UTC.If your computer's time is set later than UTC, the value will be negative.constructor takes up to seven parameters (year, month, ..., millisecond) to specify a date and time to the millisecond.The date that the newly constructed Date object contains depends on the number, and data type, of arguments passed.— If other parameters are specified, this number represents a year (such as 1965); otherwise, it represents a time value.If the number represents a year, a value of 0 to 99 indicates 1900 through 1999; otherwise all four digits of the year must be specified.

Flash Player 6 and later versions handle daylight saving time on the following operating systems in these ways: operator.Action Script 3.0 adds several new accessor properties that can be used in place of many Date class methods that access or modify Date instances.The Date class represents date and time information.An instance of the Date class represents a particular point in time for which the properties such as month, day, hours, and seconds can be queried or modified.The Date class lets you retrieve date and time values relative to universal time (Greenwich mean time, now called universal time or UTC) or relative to local time, which is determined by the local time zone setting on the operating system that is running Flash Player.

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