Consolidating excel files

Below is an example of a Hierarchy section as imported by the utility (tab Entity H).Dimension members are displayed in a tree structure with each level in a separate column.The visual structure of the hierarchy can be edited in Excel and saved back to an file for loading to HFM.Below is an example of a Member section (tab Entity M).You will receive a confirmation message when the process is complete.

The full file path will be placed in the text box to the left.

(You can also enter the import file path directly into the text box.) Step 5: Select the Import Type (see the section below for more information) and click on the Import button.

The HFM Metadata Utility is a free utility that allows you to import HFM metadata files (format) into Excel, where the content can be reviewed, edited, and exported back to a file for loading to HFM.

The utility is lightweight and leverages the power of Excel for fast, easy reviews and edits. Once a metadata file is chosen for import, the utility creates a tab in Excel for each section of the import file.

It then writes the contents of that section to the tab.

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