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Columbia is a city in Marion County, Mississippi, which was formed six years before Mississippi was admitted to statehood. Columbia is the county seat of Marion County, Mississippi.

Columbia was named for Columbia, South Carolina, from which many of the early settlers had migrated. Marion county was created out of Amite county in 1811, encompassing the southwest quarter of the current state of Mississippi.

Before statehood in 1816, there were three territorial census/poll tax records taken of what was deemed Marion County at the time.

North of present day Columbia, on what was the earliest attempt at a town, was Timothy Terrell on 3,151 acres with 32 slaves.

The land on which the current City of Columbia resides was first purchased for cash on April 18, 1820,by William Lott and John Lott.

This land is Township 3 East, Range 18 West, Section 5 (640 acres),which is the center of the City of Columbia today.

Other early patent holders of Columbia include James Phillips, Jr., and John Cooper (1825),in Section 4 next to John and William Lott.

Columbia was officially incorporated on June 25, 1819, becoming the fourth municipality in the state of Mississippi.

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