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The author will describe his design process in the creation of several experimental audio games.

These range from music composition based on chance game events to silent games that simulate aspects of sound. Keywords: audio, sound art, conceptual art, Proceduralism, experimental, acousmatic, non-cochlear, experimental, artgames, vision-impaired While audio has always been a major component of videogame design, and currently there is a popular trend to create music-based gameplay, there have been limits to the extent of audio exploration.

This paper discusses recent experiments in audio-based gameplay.

It presents observations on the effects of these experiments, contextualizes them within the history of sound in games as well as sonic experimentation within the fine arts, and draws attention to areas of current and future experimentation.

It analyzes the potential contributions of gameplay to the realm of sound art and gives examples of work that straddles the borders of these fields, particularly audio-based digital games.

They all specifically strive to address under-explored areas in audio-based game design.In order to discuss the potential for merging of the two fields, this paper will give background and definitions to sound art as well as game design.Aaron Oldenburg teaches game design as an Associate Professor in University of Baltimore's Simulation and Digital Entertainment program and has an MFA from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County.His work has exhibited in festivals and galleries in New York, Berlin, São Paulo and Los Angeles, including SIGGRAPH and FILE Electronic Language International Festival.Contact information: aoldenburg at This paper will discuss the past and potential future intersections between game design and theories within contemporary sound art.

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It will look at methods for broadening the ways in which videogames engage with the world of audio.

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