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Mumbai airport is one of the main entry points into India.

It's the second busiest airport in the country (after Delhi) and handles more than 30 million passengers a year.

The airport was leased to a private operator in 2006, and has undergone major renovation and upgrade.

New domestic terminals have been added along with a new integrated international terminal, Terminal 2.

In addition, full-service domestic airlines (Vistara, Air India, and Jet Airways) use the terminal for their domestic flights.

Jet Airways shifted its domestic operations to Terminal 2 on March 15, 2016.

Terminal 2 has four levels as follows: Cars and taxis can directly access the Terminal 2 from the new Sahar Elevated Road, which provides seamless connectivity from the Western Express Highway.

Motorbikes, auto rickshaws, and buses will need to take a dedicated lane through the existing Sahar Road.

In addition, they aren't permitted to enter the departures or arrivals areas.

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Unlike other Indian airports, security checks take place before immigration at Terminal 2 -- not after.

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