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FE II, Judges Riverside, Butch's BBQ, Colonel's Pantry, and FE No.

What we cannot see, or what does not enter our visual or aural fields very often, does not lessen their value or their right to be cared for and treasured.The Symposium was a timely reminder that it is not just the ‘popular’ or the ‘beautiful’ that are worthy of being saved from extinction.I was amazed again about their niches and their adaptations to survival.I was fascinated by the projects Patrick has been involved in and which he shared.Who would have thought of sending spiders into Space! I appreciated the beauty and softness of the art works and appreciated his mentioning about his ethical questions about involving the Bogan Moths and disturbing them to accomplish his project.

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All in all I found the time provided me with a reflective space to ponder, relate, appreciate and celebrate the life of Insects with others committed to caring for our world.

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