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Nutrition Services under a Health Care Plan Some states supplement the IEP with a written statement specifically designed to address a student’s nutritional needs.Other states employ a “Health Care Plan” to address the nutritional needs of their students.Nutrition Services in Cases of Food Allergies If you request food substitutions for your child who does not have a documented disability (as defined under either Section 504 or IDEA), the school food service department may make the substitutions listed on the medical statement, but is not required to, make food substitutions for her.However, when a doctor states that food allergies may result in severe, life-threatening (anaphylactic) reactions, the child’s condition would meet the definition of “disability,” then the substitutions prescribed by the licensed physician must be made.Under no circumstances are school food service staff to revise or change a diet prescription or medical order.

The physician’s statement must identify: If your child’s IEP includes a nutrition component, the school is required to offer special meals, at no additional cost, if your child’s disability restricts her diet.

When nutrition services are required under a child’s IEP, school officials need to make sure that school food service staff is involved early on in decisions regarding special meals.

It would be wise to include food service staff on the IEP Team.

This MB provides clarification to child nutrition program (CNP) sponsors on the process, requirements, options, and resources for accommodating children, with and without disabilities, who have special dietary needs.

Department of Agriculture Policy Memoranda SP 36-2013, CACFP 10-2013, SFSP 12-2013: Guidance Related to the Americans With Disabilities Act Amendments Act, and SP 32-2015, SFSP 15-2015, CACFP 13-2015: Statements Supporting Accommodations for Children with Disabilities in the Child Nutrition Programs Subject: Guidelines for Accommodating Children with Special Dietary Needs in Child Nutrition Programs This Management Bulletin (MB) supersedes California Department of Education (CDE) MB CNP-07-2014: Guidelines for Accommodating Children with Special Dietary Needs in Child Nutrition Programs, issued in June 2014.

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